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The Amazing Scavenger Ralley Official T-shirt

Ralley t-shirt is included with you Ralley registration.

Time is just tick, tick, ticking away!  Only two months to go now.

The t-shirt design is complete and I am really happy with them.  Many thanks to Chris, the Badlees manager, for all his work for us.  I will try to upload the final version, but am having a few problems with my connection, so a picture may not work.

Don’t forget that you can register and buy Ralley items as well as concert tickets for the regular and VIP show at

What else is there . . . oh right!  Another item from the list!  Here you go folks.

  • A picture of your ENTIRE team ‘vogueing’ in front of the Star Barn.

I also wanted to share a decision I have made.  I have really enjoyed putting this event together these past few years.  It is a lot of work, but as long as we get a decent donation for the charities I am ok with that. 

We need to get at least 40 participants this year or this will be the last year for the event.  Please do what you can to get as many people as you can to join the fun.  We will stop the participation at 100, (wouldn’t that be awesome!) because of the logistics for the participating businesses.

If anyone knows people who can help promote this event, that would be awesome.  Sammie has put together a Power Point presentation that we can send to anyone who wants it.  And I have a flyer in MS Word 2010 format if anyone would like that, as well as an official letter from The ALS Association that we are raising money for them.

Thanks so much to those people who have been involved from the beginning.  I can’t begin to express my gratitude to you for your support. 

Talk to you in a few weeks!


So my life has been a little busy these past weeks.  I bought and moved into my new home, a Holiday Rambler motor home.  We had closing on the sale of my Moms house on Friday, so that week was sorta dedicated to getting things ready at the house.  Anyway, those are my excuses for not getting a post up on the 24th.

Now for the fun stuff!  Let’s see what item I want to post this month.  How about this . . .

  • A picture of your ENTIRE team with paper airplanes, each a different color.

Till next month!




4 Months From Today

Okay, only 4 months to go!  Today Sammie Paul did a presentation at her school, to a club she belongs to.  She did awesome!  There was interest from students and teachers and hopefully we will get a few new teams to join the fun!

The Badlees, our concert after the Ralley, has also been busy.  They were invited to join Bob Seger at a few of his shows in the area.  They toured with him nearly 20 years ago and Segers manager remembered them.  What an honor for them!

So, what else?  Oh right, a list item!  Let’s try this one . . .

  •       A picture of your ENTIRE team roasting marshmallows with a lighter.

Fun right?  And of course, there will be more to it, which you will find out on Ralley day!

Also, registration is now open!  There will be benefits for registering and paying early, you will find out more on Ralley day.  Visit

to register and also to purchase merchandise.  Thanks so much to Badlees manager, Chris, for setting this up for us.

See you soon!





Wow, how the time flies!  Plans are coming together and ‘The List’ is filling fast.  As promised, here is another item that will definitely be included.

  • A picture of your ENTIRE team doing “The Macarena” in a Mexican restaurant.

And of course that is not the entire challenge, but you will need to wait 5 months for the rest of the story!

We should be getting some products for sale here soon, as well as Ralley entries, with PayPal payments accepted.  If you are participating in the Ralley, VIP concert tickets are included (a $100 each value!), so you don’t need to make an additional purchase.

Contacting me at is also a method of registering for the Ralley.  Registration will start around June 1st, so keep watching for that announcement.  There will be benefits to registering and paying early.

Concert tickets are already available at  They have several all ages, free shows in the next few months, so you can check them out in advance and see how awesome they are!



Six Months From Today!

So, in exactly six months, on August 24th 2013, the 3rd Annual The Amazing Scavenger Ralley will take place.

This year we have a special addition to the day, we are adding a benefit concert after the Ralley is finished.  The Badlees, an awesome band, will be preforming for us (and anyone who buys a ticket!) at Champions Sports Bar in Highspire.  Check them out at  They also have a bunch of videos on YouTube, so you can have a listen.

There will be a VIP concert, for Ralley participants only, at 4:00 and a public concert for everyone at 6:00.  Space is limited for both, so I will let you know through this blog and the Facebook page,, when we are nearing capacity.

The Ralley and concert will both benefit The ALS Association, in Memory of Carolyn Fisher.  The ALS Association helped us so much after Mom was diagnosed and we want to help them as much as we can.

And as a special tribute, Bret Alexander with the Badlees is going to customize a song about Mom.  He will be preforming this song at the concert.  Mom would never actually go see them, but she liked their music.  On our occasional trips to Atlantic City I always played several of the Badlees cd’s on the trip, so she got to listen to them quite a bit.  I was blown away when Bret made this offer, it’s just so special!

I am working on getting something here on the blog so you can purchase Ralley entries, concert tickets and maybe a few other things.  For now you can contact me at for purchasing info.

If anyone knows how to set up a PayPal payment button on a blog and is willing to help us out, please let me know.

I am so excited about this year’s event, not just because of the concert!  I have been working on ‘The List’ already and have come up with some pretty fun things!  As a teaser, I will be posting at least 1 item on the 24th of each month, starting today!  Just keep in mind, there is usually more to the task than I will tell you here!

So here you go . . .

A picture of your ENTIRE team, dressed as doctor’s, playing “Operation” (the game).

All pictures must be taken on Ralley day, so this will give you some time to get things together!

Thanks so much!



The Amazing Scavenger Ralley Logo Contest

We need a logo for our organization!

Winner will receive $100 or a 4 person team entry

for this year’s Ralley ($150 value).

 The requirements for submission are:

  •    the words ‘The Amazing Scavenger Ralley’ must be incorporated
  •    the design must be square in format
  •    all entries must be at least 8” X 8”
  •    entries must be submitted by March 15th

Email digital designs to (preferred)

Or submit paper entries to any member of the judging committee.

Judging committee members:

Jana Redcay

Jen Lauren

Sammie Paul

Jen Blackwell


Hi all,

Just want to let everyone know we are growing!  Sammie Paul, a member of the winning team both years, has agreed to help out in various areas.  She will not be working on ‘The List’ so that she can still participate in this years Ralley.

I am sure she is going to be a huge help and I look forward to working with her.  She will be posting here whenever she feels like it, so check back and see what she has to say!


Bye Mom

So, one month ago today, 11-15-12, my Mom lost her battle with ALS.  It was a difficult fight, but we got through it the way my family usually deals with difficulty,  Humor, sarcasm and food.  Maybe not the healthiest way of dealing with issues, but it works for us.

In her final few days, Mom was pretty much out of it, thankfully.  I can’t imagine being trapped in a body that is shutting down, unable to move, swallow, talk and struggling for every breath.  But still having a mind that knows and understands what is going on.  Those couple of days in the hospital I would just sit and hold her hand for hours and every so often she would give it a squeeze.  I knew she wanted out of there, she hated hospitals.  It was horrible to watch and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.  Although if they couldn’t talk that might be nice.  Yes, there is that sarcasm.

One of the last interactions where she was still lucid was with a doctor in the ER at Hershey.  We thought she might have aspirated some liquid into her lungs and had to call an ambulance to take her to the hospital.  Jen and I were with her in her ER room and the doctor was in to ask some questions.  Mom was only able to answer with moving her head yes or no, so I started answering the questions.  The doctor was hesitating, so I mentioned that I had her POA (power of attorney).  Jen added that she was just the POS and Mom laughed at that.

I think she knew her time was very limited, even though she didn’t want to know any details and wanted me to make all the decisions.  I struggle every day, wondering if I could have done anything to help or make the situation better, wishing I’d had more patience when things were difficult.  I keep thinking of times when I would get so angry, not at her but at this horrible disease, and would snap and say something mean.  I would apologize later, but I still feel awful about those situations.  I just hope she understood.  The good times I remember are slowly pushing these tough memories out of my head.

Thank you to everyone who was there for Mom and Jen and I during these difficult times.  Family and friends are what make these horrible times bearable.


Now lets look ahead.  The next Amazing Scavenger Ralley is being held August 24, 2013.  It will be benefiting the ALS Association again, in memory of Mom.  I am hoping to make it an extra special event this time, so check back occasionally for updates.  The big news will be released through the blog before anywhere else!


That is the amount that is being sent to the ALS Association.  Thanks so much to all who donated, participated and volunteered to help.  It was a huge success!

Here is the breakdown of the numbers.

$1495.41 in registration fees and donations

$617.75 of expenses, including prizes, promotional items and food

Hopefully next year I, and a few others, can spend a little more time soliciting donations from businesses and the expenses will be much lower.  There just wasn’t time to do enough this year. 

The date for next years Ralley is already set.  It will be August 24, 2013.  We will start and end the same times, just not sure of the location yet.

And of course, here are a few more pictures . . .


A picture of someone riding any non-motorized vehicle through any drive thru. Awesome job, Dawn! I should have given you extra points for actually getting served at the same time!


A picture of any team member doing a pirouette in a public place, with at least 5 strangers looking on. Great job Alexa!


A picture of your ENTIRE team doing the “Rocky” pose at the top of a set of steps. Awesome, team Rally for a Cause! You look like winners!


A picture of your ENTIRE teams reflection in something other than a mirror. Fabulous, team Triple G’s!