Okay, only 5 weeks from today!  I received the promo books, so if anyone wants to do some recruiting and fundraising in advance, I can give up a couple for you to use.  Just let me know.

This week has been super hot and humid, I hope this is the worst we will see this summer and Ralley day will once again be beautiful.  So far our luck has been good and we have had blue skies, fluffy white clouds and reasonable temps.

Now for The List item, I am sharing a bonus item that is making an encore appearance.  Last year it was also a bonus item, but only 1 team, Esther’s Angels, really took advantage of it.  Below is a picture from last year and the item is . . .

  • A picture of your ENTIRE team with an animal spelled out in letters.


Here they are holding ‘Fish’ Fry.  What we didn’t realize at the time was they should have gotten double points for this picture.  In the background is ‘Turkey’ Hill.  If you look around, you will be surprised by how many examples of this you can find.

Happy hunting!