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The Amazing Scavenger Ralley Official T-shirt

Ralley t-shirt is included with you Ralley registration.

Time is just tick, tick, ticking away!  Only two months to go now.

The t-shirt design is complete and I am really happy with them.  Many thanks to Chris, the Badlees manager, for all his work for us.  I will try to upload the final version, but am having a few problems with my connection, so a picture may not work.

Don’t forget that you can register and buy Ralley items as well as concert tickets for the regular and VIP show at

What else is there . . . oh right!  Another item from the list!  Here you go folks.

  • A picture of your ENTIRE team ‘vogueing’ in front of the Star Barn.

I also wanted to share a decision I have made.  I have really enjoyed putting this event together these past few years.  It is a lot of work, but as long as we get a decent donation for the charities I am ok with that. 

We need to get at least 40 participants this year or this will be the last year for the event.  Please do what you can to get as many people as you can to join the fun.  We will stop the participation at 100, (wouldn’t that be awesome!) because of the logistics for the participating businesses.

If anyone knows people who can help promote this event, that would be awesome.  Sammie has put together a Power Point presentation that we can send to anyone who wants it.  And I have a flyer in MS Word 2010 format if anyone would like that, as well as an official letter from The ALS Association that we are raising money for them.

Thanks so much to those people who have been involved from the beginning.  I can’t begin to express my gratitude to you for your support. 

Talk to you in a few weeks!