Okay, only 4 months to go!  Today Sammie Paul did a presentation at her school, to a club she belongs to.  She did awesome!  There was interest from students and teachers and hopefully we will get a few new teams to join the fun!

The Badlees, our concert after the Ralley, has also been busy.  They were invited to join Bob Seger at a few of his shows in the area.  They toured with him nearly 20 years ago and Segers manager remembered them.  What an honor for them!

So, what else?  Oh right, a list item!  Let’s try this one . . .

  •       A picture of your ENTIRE team roasting marshmallows with a lighter.

Fun right?  And of course, there will be more to it, which you will find out on Ralley day!

Also, registration is now open!  There will be benefits for registering and paying early, you will find out more on Ralley day.  Visit


to register and also to purchase merchandise.  Thanks so much to Badlees manager, Chris, for setting this up for us.

See you soon!