Wow, how the time flies!  Plans are coming together and ‘The List’ is filling fast.  As promised, here is another item that will definitely be included.

  • A picture of your ENTIRE team doing “The Macarena” in a Mexican restaurant.

And of course that is not the entire challenge, but you will need to wait 5 months for the rest of the story!

We should be getting some products for sale here soon, as well as Ralley entries, with PayPal payments accepted.  If you are participating in the Ralley, VIP concert tickets are included (a $100 each value!), so you don’t need to make an additional purchase.

Contacting me at is also a method of registering for the Ralley.  Registration will start around June 1st, so keep watching for that announcement.  There will be benefits to registering and paying early.

Concert tickets are already available at  They have several all ages, free shows in the next few months, so you can check them out in advance and see how awesome they are!