So, in exactly six months, on August 24th 2013, the 3rd Annual The Amazing Scavenger Ralley will take place.

This year we have a special addition to the day, we are adding a benefit concert after the Ralley is finished.  The Badlees, an awesome band, will be preforming for us (and anyone who buys a ticket!) at Champions Sports Bar in Highspire.  Check them out at  They also have a bunch of videos on YouTube, so you can have a listen.

There will be a VIP concert, for Ralley participants only, at 4:00 and a public concert for everyone at 6:00.  Space is limited for both, so I will let you know through this blog and the Facebook page,, when we are nearing capacity.

The Ralley and concert will both benefit The ALS Association, in Memory of Carolyn Fisher.  The ALS Association helped us so much after Mom was diagnosed and we want to help them as much as we can.

And as a special tribute, Bret Alexander with the Badlees is going to customize a song about Mom.  He will be preforming this song at the concert.  Mom would never actually go see them, but she liked their music.  On our occasional trips to Atlantic City I always played several of the Badlees cd’s on the trip, so she got to listen to them quite a bit.  I was blown away when Bret made this offer, it’s just so special!

I am working on getting something here on the blog so you can purchase Ralley entries, concert tickets and maybe a few other things.  For now you can contact me at for purchasing info.

If anyone knows how to set up a PayPal payment button on a blog and is willing to help us out, please let me know.

I am so excited about this year’s event, not just because of the concert!  I have been working on ‘The List’ already and have come up with some pretty fun things!  As a teaser, I will be posting at least 1 item on the 24th of each month, starting today!  Just keep in mind, there is usually more to the task than I will tell you here!

So here you go . . .

A picture of your ENTIRE team, dressed as doctor’s, playing “Operation” (the game).

All pictures must be taken on Ralley day, so this will give you some time to get things together!

Thanks so much!