That is the amount that is being sent to the ALS Association.  Thanks so much to all who donated, participated and volunteered to help.  It was a huge success!

Here is the breakdown of the numbers.

$1495.41 in registration fees and donations

$617.75 of expenses, including prizes, promotional items and food

Hopefully next year I, and a few others, can spend a little more time soliciting donations from businesses and the expenses will be much lower.  There just wasn’t time to do enough this year. 

The date for next years Ralley is already set.  It will be August 24, 2013.  We will start and end the same times, just not sure of the location yet.

And of course, here are a few more pictures . . .


A picture of someone riding any non-motorized vehicle through any drive thru. Awesome job, Dawn! I should have given you extra points for actually getting served at the same time!


A picture of any team member doing a pirouette in a public place, with at least 5 strangers looking on. Great job Alexa!


A picture of your ENTIRE team doing the “Rocky” pose at the top of a set of steps. Awesome, team Rally for a Cause! You look like winners!


A picture of your ENTIRE teams reflection in something other than a mirror. Fabulous, team Triple G’s!