I really wish someone else would plan one of these!  HINT, HINT!  That way I could play too and see what you all go through.

But I do enjoy planning everything, so it’s all good!

And what do you want to talk about today,  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . . . . . .

I am willing to bet you want to hear about a few more of ‘The List’ items.  I guess I can do that.

  • A picture of a stranger holding a ‘Barrel of Monkeys’.
  • A picture of your ENTIRE team in a pet store, each holding an animal.
  • A picture of someone riding any non-motorized vehicle through any drive thru.

I warned you previous players that this year was going to be more difficult!

And just so you all know, Jen B. is setting the donations bar pretty high!  She is bringing $205 to start the day, that’s 20,500 point already for her!  And she is the single player that will need to join a team tomorrow.  I know you all want her now!

Good luck to everyone tomorrow!


Jen is so bummed she can’t participate this year! But watch out for next year, her back should be healed and ready to go! It is good for me though, since I needed her for a judge.


Sue and Sammie and their 2 new team members Suzann and Alexa are going to be tough competition. Sue and Sammie were last years winners!


Christine, Nicole and Dawn are also adding 2 members to their team. If people keep adding members to their teams they are going to need a bus!