So, yesterday was the official last day to register.  Of course, things never work out that way, but that’s ok!  I know I can count on (most of!) the others who said they will be participating.  I’m not sure of the people I don’t know!

We have 2 teams of 4, 1 team of 5, 2 teams of 3 or 4, and 1 individual who will have to join a team on Ralley day.  You will all want her, she comes with a bunch of donations, which means a bunch of points!

So far only the team of 5 has sent me a team name and individual participant names.  I need this info so I can get ID’s made up for everyone.  Please get them in as soon as possible!

Now, how about another item that will be on the list . . .

  • A picture of a team member playing a Pac Man arcade game, the old style ones, not on a game console.

I thought I would give you this one awhile so you can try to find one!  I have no idea where any are, so good luck!

And a shot from last year . . .


I’m not sure if I posted this one already or not. But I love this shot of Nicole. I hope she has as much fun this year!