So after about 6 months of barely being able to look at the computer, now I can’t get enough time to do the stuff I want to do!  WHAAAAA!

I’ve been working away on “The List’ and thought I’d give a little preview for you people who are reading the blog.  This way you get to do a little advance planning.  Last years list had 6 mandatory challenges, 42 other challenges and items, and 3 bonus things to work on.  I was astonished that one team, the winning team actually, almost completed the entire list!  I had no idea any team would be able to get so much done.  All teams got way more done than I expected.

So this year watch out!  There are 10 mandatory list items, 60 others and 3 bonuses.  I have used some from both of last years events, just becasue they were fun or I got great pics or it was hard and people were talking about it after the event was over.  Anyhow, lots of reasons.  So I thought I’d share one or two, and the pics from last year to go with them.

One challenge that was difficult was for the entire team jumping in the air, with all team members feet off the ground.  I didn’t anticipate how truly difficult this would be.  All teams struggled with this, taking multiple pics and some even gave up.

Here are Sue and Sami with their first photo of the day. I actually had to take about 5 pics before we got this one.

Last year teams had to go to a pet store.  Here Jen and Loretta balance a dog biscuit on their noses. They will be going back to a pet store this year, but will have a different challenge. It’s going to be a surprise, find out on Ralley day!!!

Here teams had to get at least 10 strangers in a restaurant to raise their hands in the air, field goal style. This will be on ‘The List’ again, with a little twist!






















































So there you go!  Just a little preview for ya!

Yeah, your welcome!!!