. . . Team SS (Sue and Sammie) with a total score of 96,300! Congratulations, you did a great job!

The rest of the teams did great too, and here are their results.

2nd place with 92,950 points – Team Beavers (Cathy, Jen, Connie and Tom)
3rd place with 86,200 points – Team Purple Frogs (Bob and Pam)
4th place with 84,500 points – Team Pink Phillies (Dawn, Christine and Nicole)
5th place with 75,600 points – Team Crank (Jen and Loretta)

Pictures will be posted at random over the next week or so, so keep checking back in!

Thanks to everyone who participated and had a great time!

Special thanks to the businesses who donated prizes and left us play silly games at their locations. Next year is going to be even better! I have a lot more time to plan! lol