Okay participants, a few things you need to know.

When you arrive at the start location, park near the door with the pink streamers tied to the handle, on the far side of the building.  Leave at least 1 parking space between you and the next vehicle.

Check in starts at 9:00 and everyone must be there by 9:30 for the kick off meeting.  We will go over the rules, you can ask any questions at this time, you will get your gift bags and, of course, the list!  You will have whatever time you need for planning after the meeting and can leave whenever you want to after that.

Only employees will be able to open the building doors, so if you leave the building, make sure someone knows to let you back in.  While inside, you will be restricted to the cafeteria and the bathroom areas.

Things you will need . . .

  • Vehicle (duh!) preferably with a full tank of gas
  • Cell phone with text
  • Fully charged digital camera, with cord or adapter for transferring pics to a computer via USB port (I have a mini USB to USB cable, so if that’s what you use you don’t need to bring it)
  • Socks (you don’t have to be wearing them, but make sure you have a pair with you!)
  • PA map or road atlas (You only need this if you don’t have a phone with internet or GPS)
  • Money, either cash or credit card, a challenge or two may require you to buy something, but it won’t be much!
  • Swimsuit and towel


It will be very helpful if you have . . .

  • Internet access through your phone (You could play without it, but having this will be a huge help)
  • GPS
  • Water shoes